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Gospel Explosion !

I’ve recently got into Bible Journaling and become ever so slightly obsessed with stamping, acrylic paints (I can’t hack the water colours!) sticking stuff and distress inks.  It’s so much fun to spend time reflecting on God’s word whilst trying to be some-what crafty… although let’s face it, by the picture below I am no expert, and this turned out to be one of my better pages! But anyway, the point is, it gives you time to reflect on what you are reading, really think about what it means and have fun! – Because fun never harmed anybody!

I love this passage – who doesn’t love Romans?! Anyways, back to the point… This passage reminds me of somewhere where I heard that originally the word ‘power’ was dynamis – or what we would say today: dynamite. God’s power is DYNAMITE! It’s explosive! (Looks like this is where the lyrics from Tom Smiths, Dynamite, comes from…)

So when we realise that God’s power is explosive (demonstrated by my explosion of colour…obviously…) we can begin to look at this passage a little differently. ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes’ CH 1 vs 16. Therefore, the book that we read is the power, the explosion, of God which allows us to access salvation – from faith for faith which reveals to us the righteousness of God

Today is a good day to talk about explosions, it being bonfire night and all that… But when we see a fire work explode, it is really pretty for a few seconds and then it leaves us with nothing. But when we see the power of God explode, not only does that leave us with a book, but it also leaves us a way to access salvation, by God being revealed to us through the gospel so that by faith, we can see what it is that God has done for us.

I also love the reminder that Paul gives to us at the beginning of this book, his usual signature of ‘Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ’ a little reminder that whilst he is this explosion of power, he is also our peace and comfort.What a brilliant contrast that is. The one who brings the big fireworks, also is the fireplace crackling on a cold winters day… Or for a more biblical comparison… the Lion and the Lamb!

Rachel x

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